Belize, A Gay-Friendly Destinations to Visit This Year

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July 24, 2018
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Belize, A Gay-Friendly Destinations to Visit This Year

Belize Gay Travel Vacations

Whether you’re a solo LGBTQ+ traveler looking to mix and mingle or are looking for a great destination to enjoy with your family, there’s no better place than Belize. This tiny, English-speaking Caribbean nation located just south of Mexico is the perfect place to enjoy gay family vacations or participate in gay adventures.

With a tiny population of fewer than half a million people, Belize is completely unlike the crowded tourist meccas of Costa Rica, Jamaica, or Mexico. Instead, Belize is a natural wonderland with an incredible abundance of birds, plants, and exotic animals. Over 600 bird species have been recorded in Belize, and the country is home to wildlife such as black howler monkeys, giant iguanas, and five different species of big cats, including jaguars.

Gay vacations in Belize also usually include some kind of eco-adventure in the great outdoors. Options include bird watching, horseback riding, zip lining (sailing along metal cables between trees in the rainforest), canoeing, rappelling and rock climbing, swimming in the base of a jungle waterfall, and cave tubing, the special Belizean activity involving using an inner tube to float down miles and miles of underground rivers. And if that weren’t enough, Belize is also home to more ancient Maya pyramids and temples than anywhere else on the planet.

Gay tours of Belize don’t just include spending time on the mainland, however! Belize is home to hundreds of offshore islands along the Belize Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Just this year, the Belize Barrier Reef was taken off of the endangered list thanks to years of strong conservation efforts by the government in cooperation with local and international NGOs. Over half of Belize’s territory is protected in the form of a national park, conservation area, or wildlife refuge, including several wilderness corridors.

Belize may be a small and developing nation, but it has set its sights high to become an eco-tourism destination. The government has also begun to phase out the use of single-use plastic bags and plastic food items.

If you’re an LGBTQ+ traveler interested in traveling to Belize, be sure to book your travels with Belize Gay Travel, the only travel in the country that specializes in arranging truly gay-friendly vacations and putting together gay travel deals in Belize. Our in-house Travel Agency- Adventures in Belize can customize ANY vacation that you have in mind! This can truly be a vacation in paradise for you and your sweety!

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