Vacations That Are Family — and Gay — Friendly

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Vacations That Are Family — and Gay — Friendly

It can be very difficult for LGBT travelers to find a great place to enjoy a vacation that is both gay-friendly as well as filled with exciting activities that the whole family can enjoy. The good news is that Belize is an excellent place for LGBTQ travelers and their families to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

If you’re like most LGBTQ travelers, your first concern is that you want everyone to feel comfortable. After that, you want a beautiful place to visit, lots of fun things to do and see for the kids, and it’d sure be nice if there were also a few exciting activities for the adults too.

In Belize, you’ll find an unspoiled landscape where there are lots of exciting things for everyone to enjoy. Kids love swarming up the side of an ancient Maya pyramid, seeing exotic wildlife like parrots and monkeys up close and personal, and adventure activities like stand-up paddling, hiking, zip lining (sailing through the treetops on a series of steel cables) and cave tubing (floating down jungle rivers on an inflatable inner tube).

Adults, too, love Belize. Restaurants serve up delicious home-cooked fare with strong influences from Caribbean, Mexican, and Maya cuisine. Most seafood served in Belize is fresh caught by local fishermen, and every meal tastes better in Belize because ingredients are grown locally. There are also plenty of rum cocktails and other adult beverages to enjoy, including Belize’s signature seaweed milkshakes. And there’s always a beach party going on somewhere.

At Belize Gay Travel, we only work with lodges, resorts, hotels, and tour operators that are truly gay-friendly. You and your family won’t just be “tolerated” but warmly welcomed. Belize is a true “melting pot” society where different backgrounds and cultures are embraced. And Belizeans are world-famous for their hospitality, warmth, and genuine friendliness.

The only thing you need to decide when it comes to a Belize vacation is what kind of fun you want to have. Do you want to scuba dive and snorkel on the offshore reef? Enjoy activities like stand-up paddling, canoeing, or windsurfing? Or is learning more about the birds, plants, and animals of Belize more your family’s style?

At Belize Gay Travel, we’ll work with you to discover what your perfect vacation looks like. And then we’ll put it all together for you. Then, all you will have to do is arrive in Belize with your family and have a wonderful vacation!

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