Solo Gay Travel in Belize

Belize Gay Travel Vacations
Belize, A Gay-Friendly Destinations to Visit This Year
July 1, 2019
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Best Adventure Tree Houses in Belize For Families
July 16, 2019

Solo Gay Travel in Belize

solo gay travel
If you love adventure travel, there is no better destination than Belize. If you’re traveling solo and you’re gay, here’s why you should book your flight to Belize today.

Belize is a Warm, Friendly Destination

Belize is a warm, laid-back place where everyone is welcome. You can spend your time here touring the charming fishing villages, snorkeling on the magnificent Belize Barrier Reef, enjoying cocktails at the beach bar and touring impressive historic Maya sites. Make new friends or spend time alone. In Belize, you can do it all.

Hang Out in Your Own Treehouses

If you book through Belize Gay Travel, you can stay at the Caves Branch Jungle Lodge, where you can stay in a treehouse. If that sounds a little too wild, keep in mind that these treetop houses feature five-star accommodations and amenities. Enjoy a magnificent view of the jungle and the meandering river while you relax in a rooftop hot tub.

Live Your Adventure Your Way

Traveling by yourself is always an adventure. It’s a great way to do what you enjoy without worrying about someone else’s plans. In Belize, we’re all about wild adventures. You can choose excursions that take you deep into the jungle or deep into the sea. Go zip-lining, hiking, trek the Maya ruins or explore a sacred cave.

If you prefer a less heart-pumping adventure, discover Belize’s rich cultural history, go bird-watching or visit a botanical garden. Get cuddly with wildlife at the magnificent Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary or the Community Baboon Sanctuary. Spend time relaxing on our gorgeous, unspoiled beaches and discover our lively nightlife.

At Belize Gay Travel, we specialize in every type of Belize adventure. We’re the only adventure company in Belize that offers an overnight cave trip and a two-day jungle survival quest. If your idea of a vacation is something that your friends call “crazy,” talk to us. We speak your language.

Forge New Friendships

We know that traveling alone doesn’t mean you want to spend all your time alone. At our lodge, you’ll find other people who share your interests and your spirit of adventure. Relax by the pool and enjoy delicious food in our restaurant.

Book Your Trip Today

Book your solo trip with Belize Gay Travel for an unforgettable Belize adventure trip. Stay at our comfortable lodge deep inside the jungle and experience the best of Belize.

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