LGBTQ Travel Trends for 2019

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October 25, 2018
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Belize: A Family Friendly LGBT Destination
November 21, 2018

LGBTQ Travel Trends for 2019, the world’s largest hospitality booking website, has recently released its predictions for travel trends in 2019. Based on research from over 21,500 travelers from more than two dozen countries, has the following predictions for 2019:

Less Plastic 

It’s not just at home that people are increasingly seeking to avoid single-use plastic but also while they’re on vacation. Countries such as Belize are in the process of banning the single-use plastic, and a National Geographic travel editor recently published a report about spending a week in Belize without having to use any single-use plastic.

Conscientious Travel 

Far beyond being interested solely in monuments, museums, and hotel swimming pools, one of the latest travel trends is making conscientious decisions about social and environmental issues before choosing a vacation destination. Belize’s government has a highly pro-active, pro-environmental stance, having banned all offshore drilling and contributing to the Belize Barrier Reef being upgraded to “healthy” status in early 2018.

And while Belize has not yet recognized same-sex marriages, it is a country with a long history of tolerance and acceptance for other cultures. Indeed, Belize is home to eight different cultures speaking four different languages, and LGBTQ travelers are warmly welcomed.

Shorter Trips 

Instead of the whole family cramming into a station wagon for seven or 10 days’ worth of vacation once per year, the new trend is towards shorter, getaway vacations to closer destinations. Belize is reachable in 2-5 hours from major cities across the United States, making it an increasingly popular destination for short vacations and weekend getaways.


Another top trend is travelers seeking to learn something new while on vacation. Belize, as home to more ancient Maya sites than anywhere else, offers a hands-on, educational experience for travelers interested in learning more about this amazing culture. Travelers can also participate in cultural visits to local villages in Belize to learn more about ancient handicrafts, traditional foods, and traditional music and dance.

Personalized Assistance 

The days of spending countless hours researching, planning, and booking every aspect of a vacation are now becoming quaint and old-fashioned. Instead, personalized assistance in creating itineraries, making reservations, and using high-tech tools to individualize the travel experience are becoming more common.

If you’re an LGBT traveler looking to enjoy a fabulous solo vacation, family getaway, or romantic holiday in Belize, be sure to book all of your travels in Belize with Belize Gay Travel, the nation’s premier travel experts specializing in safe, fun, and amazing vacation experiences for LGBTQ+ travelers.


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