There’s a Jungle Adventure Treehouse Waiting For You in Belize!

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There’s a Jungle Adventure Treehouse Waiting For You in Belize!

Jungle Treehouse Belize

Are you aware of the fact that treehouses have become so trendy, a CNN reporter recently profiled their popularity? See for yourself how sophisticated and luxurious these once-primitive structures have become, and if the urge to stay in one strikes you as being a wonderful idea, how about now?

You’re invited to sample the lifestyle of the jungle at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge in Belize where living the high life is as much a state of mind as it is a childhood dream.

Worried that you’ll be relegated to a shack where walls are cobbled together with nails and boards? Don’t be. These luxurious hideaways, nestled deep in the wonder of the Belizean jungle, are so spectacular, they belong in high-end architectural magazines.

Each treehouse is outfitted with modern conveniences travelers expect from posh accommodations and that includes cooling ventilation systems, bathrooms and tropical furnishings.

Will your booking land you in a tree house that reminds you of cookie cutter housing developments back home? Not on your life. Each is unique. Opt for a place built so many feet into the air, bird and animal watching literally gives you a bird’s eye view on Belize’s four-footed and winged residents. Prefer to be closer to the ground? Just say the word.

Your kids are going to become so fascinated with what they see that they’ll forget about video games, devices and other distractions–especially when you take them on adventures that include horseback riding, cave tours, exploring Maya ruins and tours geared to learning and fun. In other words, being out in nature with your youngsters is the healthiest thing you can do for the entire family.

At day’s end, gather with other tree dwellers at the Lodge where guests, who are as enthralled with this experience as you are, convene to socialize. After all, Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Jungle Lodge started out in 1995 as the tiny backpacking lodge with an outhouse, no running water and no electricity that morphed into one of the most talked about, sophisticated jungle havens in the Caribbean region.

Rediscover how it felt when you were a child and your treehouse sanctuary held your biggest secrets and wishes. Add botanical gardens, a swimming pool and an onsite eatery serving delicious Belizean foods to that feeling of nostalgia and you’re likely eager to experience this again as an adult!

Your inner child wants you to go off on this journey and your youngsters do, too. Check your calendar. There’s a tree house waiting for you and deals to be had on seasonal pricing, so your timing couldn’t be better.

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