How Belize Gay Travel Is Different (and Why It Matters)

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September 6, 2018
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September 25, 2018

How Belize Gay Travel Is Different (and Why It Matters)

Gay Travel in Belize

Often, members of the LGBTQ+ community dislike the term “gay travel” simply because it isn’t sufficiently comprehensive. After all, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer are just labels for what is a very diverse group of people from all walks of life. But gay travel is still a useful term when describing LGBTQ+ individuals, families, and couples who want to enjoy a vacation in comfort and safety.

Belize Gay Travel is a unique company that focuses exclusively on creating, booking, and arranging amazing vacations in Belize for LGBTQ+ travelers. Whether you’re single and want to meet new people or a diverse family looking for a fun, educational, and rewarding trip to one of the most fantastically beautiful and ecologically diverse places on the planet, Belize Gay Travel can help.

The staff of Belize Gay Travel have years of experience and deep connections to the top resorts, hotels, and lodges across the country that actively welcome LGBTQ travelers. Belize Gay Travel knows that a warm and welcoming environment, as opposed to just “tolerance,” is the first requirement for a fun and amazing vacation.

Whether it’s about politics, comfort, or safety, LGBTQ travelers all want the same thing – a friendly reception and exciting activities to enjoy. Belize is world famous for having some of the most hospitable and genuinely warm people on the planet, but it’s also still largely a conservative society. That’s why Belize Gay Travel organizes trips to festivals, celebrations, and other events where LGBTQ+ travelers can relax and have a great time with confidence.

Of course, a traveler’s sexuality is only a small part of the vacation experience. That’s why our company specializes in eco-friendly, outdoor activities that everyone can enjoy. Whether it’s snorkeling, sea kayaking, fishing, sailing, or scuba diving on the offshore reef or enjoying exciting activities like horseback riding, visiting an ancient Maya site, rock climbing and rappelling, hiking, zip lining, and cave tubing (a Belizean specialty involving using an inflatable inner tube to float down vast underground rivers inside of caves) on the mainland, Belize Gay Travel can connect you to all of the exciting activities in the country.

Belize is a predominately rural country with spectacularly pristine nature, including verdant jungles teeming with colorful birds, fragrant flowers, and exotic wildlife. LGBTQ travelers have been enjoying vacations in Belize for years, and Belize Gay Travel is the name to trust for organizing all of your travel needs in the country.

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