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April 18, 2018
Gay Family Vacations in Belize
Gay Family Vacations in Belize
May 2, 2018

Gay Vacations

What would your ideal vacation look like? Would it be a series of fun-filled days and exciting nights where you mix and mingle, dancing and laughing until the wee hours of the morning? Or would your ideal vacation be more about relaxing, spending time outdoors in beautiful, natural areas that serve as a balm for your trials and tribulations?

Whatever your definition of an ideal vacation, Belize Gay Travel can make it happen. Whether you’re traveling with a group of friends, want to enjoy a romantic getaway holiday with a special someone, or want to meet new people, there’s something for every LGBTQ traveler in Belize.

Belize Gay Travel is the country’s leading provider of LGBTQ-friendly tours and travel services and has an extensive network of upscale hotels, eco-resorts, and luxury lodges that warmly welcome LGBTQ travelers.

But there’s more to a great Belize vacation than just the hotel. That’s why Belize Gay Travel organizes guided tours and adventures to all of the top destinations in the country. If thrills and chills are more your style, Belize Gay Travel organizes adventures like zip lining through the jungle, touring ancient Maya cities, cave tubing (using an inner tube to explore vast underground rivers), horseback riding, and spelunking.

But if relaxing and unwinding are more your speed, Belize Gay Travel offers culinary tours, cultural visits to local villages, nature tours such as bird watching and the Belize Zoo, among other options. And Belize is home to a countless myriad of festivals, holidays, sporting events, and other public events that feature live music, great food and drinks, parades, and dancing in the streets.

Whether you’re in the mood for a romantic getaway, a fun romp with friends, or simply to explore this amazing world, Belize is a great place for LGBTQ travelers. And while the country is slowly transitioning from its roots as a conservative, religious society, Belize has always been a land where people of all faiths, cultures, languages, and different walks of life have been welcome. Indeed, the country has already celebrated its first Pride Parade, and archaic British colonial-era laws against sodomy have been struck down by the nation’s Supreme Court.

Belize is fast becoming a popular tourist destination where gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender visitors are warmly welcomed. If you’re an LGBTQ traveler and want to enjoy a fabulous vacation in a tropical paradise, choose Belize Gay Travel.

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