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Getting to Belize
Getting to Belize Is so Easy for Gay Travelers
August 15, 2018
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The Magic and Romance of a Belize Gay Honeymoon
August 28, 2018

Gay Vacations For Singles

Belize Gay Vacations For Singles

Are you an LGBTQ+ traveler looking to mix and mingle on your upcoming trip to Belize? If so, you’re in luck! Belize is rapidly becoming one of the hottest destinations for gay travelers.

Belize is largely a conservative country, so it’s no surprise that many gay travelers are unaware of Belize. But thanks to a burgeoning tourism industry which has brought many new ideas and points of view to the country as well as hard work by local activists to overturn antiquated laws against consensual behavior between adults, Belize has made big strides towards a more progressive and inclusive society.

And although Belize is not yet at the forefront of equality, the country has been known for decades for its hospitality and acceptance of different cultures. There are more than half a dozen very distinct cultures in Belize, and local people in Belize are renowned for their friendliness and open-mindedness. There are also many restaurants, bars, nightspots, resorts, and lodges that actively welcome LGBTQ+ patrons.

It takes a little bit of local knowledge to find the right hang-out spots for gay singles in Belize, but the good news is that Belize Gay Travel has years of experience in finding all the best places. Whether you want to dance all night until dawn at the beach or go for a romantic sunset cruise, Belize Gay Travel has got you covered. We know about all the best places to go when you want to meet up with fun-loving LGBTQ+ locals and expats.

And if you’re ready for some outdoor adventures, Belize is one of the best places to enjoy an eco-vacation. Popular activities include snorkeling and scuba diving on the reef as well as horseback riding, canoeing, and zip lining on the mainland. Other popular activities include bird watching, cave tubing (navigating underground rivers with an inflatable inner tube), and visiting a wildlife sanctuary.

Belize also has a full range of hospitality options from simple backpacker hotels to luxury full-service resorts. Whether you want to chill on a beach at a privately-owned island or explore the diverse wildlife of the rainforest from a jungle lodge, there are many options when it comes to lodging in Belize. And several resorts and hotels actively welcome LGBTQ+ travelers, making them an excellent place to meet eligible singles.

If you’re ready to enjoy a fun vacation in Belize, be sure to book your trip with Belize Gay Travel.

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