Top Gay-Friendly Belize All-inclusive Resort

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July 23, 2019
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Top Gay-Friendly Belize All-inclusive Resort

Gay-Friendly Belize All-inclusive Resort
Are you an LGBTQ+ traveler looking for a warm reception at a luxury eco-lodge in Belize? If so, look no further than Caves Branch Jungle Lodge.

Founded by a legendary adventure enthusiast, Caves Branch is the top gay-friendly lodge in Belize. Located in the heart of the rainforest, Caves Branch is a luxury lodge that specializes in exciting outdoor adventures such as hiking, bird watching, horseback riding, cave tubing (navigating underground rivers while aboard an inflatable inner tube), and waterfall rappelling. And for the truly adventurous, Caves Branch offers activities like nighttime safaris in the jungle and overnight bushcrafting expeditions where you can put your survival skills to the ultimate test.

The Belize Jungle Lodge enthusiastically and openly welcomes travelers from all walks of life, so whether you’re coming to Belize as a solo traveler looking to mix and mingle or coming with your family, you’ll definitely find something to your liking at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge. There’s a lovely onsite restaurant that serves up both Belizean and international fare, a swimming pool, a bar, a conference center, and a massage center. The Lodge is also home to the country’s largest botanical gardens as well as an innovative cheese-making facility that regularly conducts workshops.

And if you’re an LGBTQ+ traveler coming to Belize for some romance, Caves Branch Jungle Lodge has just what you’re looking for. The Lodge has special all-inclusive romantic packages that include champagne and intimate candlelit dinners underneath the gorgeous nighttime sky.

For gay lovebirds, the ultimate place to stay in Belize is at one of Caves Branch Jungle Lodge’s amazing treehouses. These luxury, two-story houses are equipped with all the latest comforts, including furnishings crafted from local hardwoods, a private bathroom with cold/hot running water, electricity, and even a soaker tub on the upper deck, the perfect place to enjoy a sunset with your special someone.

Every tree house at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge was built by hand in order to protect the sanctity of the surrounding jungle. To reach these tree houses, you won’t have to climb a ladder as each tree house has its own gently sloping ramp complete with handrails. And each tree house comes with its own spacious, screened-in porch so that you can admire the panoramic view without having to worry about any creepy-crawlies.

If you’re looking for the ultimate gay-friendly resort in Belize, book your stay at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge with Belize Gay Travel today!

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