Gay Adventure Travel – Small Groups, Big Fun

Belize, a Melting Pot of Cultures
November 27, 2018
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November 28, 2018

Gay Adventure Travel – Small Groups, Big Fun

Although Belize is predominately a conservative, rural society, it is rapidly becoming one of the hottest destinations for gay and lesbian travelers.

Belize is a small country with a population of fewer than 400,000 people, but its diverse cultures and melting pot society makes it very open-minded and accepting of people from different walks of life. Add in the fact that the warm, hospitable nature of Belizean people and a yearly calendar packed full of outdoor festivals, fairs, and parades, and it’s easy to see why more and more LGBTQ+ travelers are choosing to vacation in Belize.

Here are some top places that LGBTQ+ travelers should explore in 2018:

San Pedro


Made famous by the hit 1986 Madonna song “La Isla Bonita,” San Pedro is the colorful capital of Belize’s largest island, Ambergris Caye. Popular as a gateway to the snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, and scuba diving available on the reef, Ambergris Caye is also home to festive events such as Fiesta Carnaval, Lobsterfest, and the International Costa Maya festival.

San Pedro is also renowned for its wide variety of restaurants, eclectic bars and clubs, and exuberant love of dressing up in colorful costumes and dancing in the streets.

Caye Caulker

The “little sister” to Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker is just a few miles offshore from its bigger cousin. Caye Caulker is a smaller, more pristine island where you can enjoy fantastic views of the Caribbean, snorkeling, and plenty of cold beers in one of the island’s beachfront bars.


Located in southern Belize, the Placencia Peninsula is often known as the “island you can walk to” because of its atmosphere and narrow connection to the mainland. Serving as the gateway to the southern part of the reef, Placencia is famous for its isolated, beautiful beaches, laid-back atmosphere, and colorful street art along its Guinness Book of World Records main “street” (a four-foot wide pedestrian-only sidewalk).

Outdoor Adventures


Belize is famous for its adventure opportunities, including zip lining, cave tubing (floating down underground rivers on an inner tube), horseback riding, and exploring some of the many ancient Maya temples, pyramids, and plazas in the country.

Whether you’re traveling alone or planning a fun, group vacation, you can book your gay-friendly vacation in Belize with Belizegaytravelcom will show you exactly where all the best hotspots are, including bars, clubs, lively parades, and festivals. also organizes tours to all of the top attractions in Belize, including outdoor adventures, exploring ancient Maya sites, and relaxing on the beach.

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