Best LGBTQ-friendly Adventure Jungle Lodge in Belize

Rainforests, Ruins and Reefs: Get Adventurous in Belize
Rainforests, Ruins and Reefs: Get Adventurous in Belize
June 19, 2019
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Weary of Ordinary Vacation Digs? Perhaps You Need a Belize Tree House!
June 28, 2019

Best LGBTQ-friendly Adventure Jungle Lodge in Belize

Best LGBTQ-friendly Adventure Jungle Lodge in Belize
Once upon a time, finding a vacation destination that welcomed members of the LGBTQ community was a crap shoot. Slowly but surely a niche developed within the travel industry that became so profound, nobody could deny that this market was changing the face of tourism.

In this spirit, Ian Anderson, owner of Belize’s Caves Branch Jungle Lodge, has made it a priority to create a welcoming environment for all people who identify as LGBTQ.

It’s easy to see why the Lodge is a popular pick for LGBTQ travelers. Belize’s affordability, close proximity to North America and English-speaking populace make the nation a welcoming, gorgeous experience. The Lodge is in a league of its own, offering every type of tour an adventurous traveler could want.

For couples or singles eager to do nothing, luxurious treehouse accommodations, a refreshing swimming pool, onsite eatery and lush gardens offer the ultimate in tranquility and intimacy. Guests frequent the spa for personal massages and services guaranteed to de-stress even the most uptight traveler. Wandering the premises is restorative and healing, allowing mind and body to re-calibrate naturally.

But it is the adventure menu that wins the hearts and minds of LGBTQ travelers eager to let it all hang out and push a few envelopes. You’d better sit down before you sample descriptions of signature tours available to Lodge guests because the list is amazing.

The Waterfall Cave Expedition challenges you to “Conquer six waterfalls before day’s end” and includes a 3- kilometer hike through the primeval forest.
-Opt for a River Cave Expedition. Float into a cave system atop a huge innertube before you encounter what was once ceremonial chambers used by Mayan priests to pay tribute to the gods.
-Take the Lost World Ceremonial Tour that doubles down on what you saw during your tubing adventure. See relics, glyphs, pottery, alters and skeletons sacrificed thousands of years ago.
-Test your mettle by doing the Black Hole Drop into “The Mother of all Caves.” You’ll be lowered through the rainforest into the Actun Loch Tunich sink hole wearing only a headlamp to illuminate the space below!
-Follow professional guides on a Jungle Trek that takes you to burial sites, altars and ancient ruins. Stop at the Blue Hole River for a refreshing dip in the azure waters.
-Just for devoted risk takers: There are three adventures nobody in Belize duplicates: An Overnight Caving Expedition, Overnight Jungle Expedition and the ultimate thrill, Jungle Safari After Dark.

There’s more. Visit the Lodge’s tour page to see what else awaits you and your travel companions. While you’re there, check out the posh treehouses, restaurant menus and other amenities. You’ll be welcomed with open arms at a world-class destination guaranteed to make you and your friends feel right at home.

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