Belize Gay Travel

Belize Gay Travel

The management & staff at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge is committed to ensuring your peace, tranquillity and privacy.

We are united in the effort to bring awareness and sensitivity to the growing community of same-sex relationships and welcome you- our guests to our nature hideaway in Belize.

Belize is a haven for romance, adventure and relaxation. It is a beautiful country with diverse culture and a wide variety of ethnicities. As diverse as the people may be Belize is still, however, a generally religiously conservative nation and as a result there are virtually no locally-driven gay scenes or explicitly gay venues.

It is also important to note that in Belize any intense public displays of affection is frowned upon for all couples, straight or gay. Ian Anderson (owner & manager) has been outspoken in support of gay rights in Belize and openly welcomes all travelers to enjoy all that Caves Branch has to offer.