Finding the Perfect Belize Gay Resorts

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September 10, 2018
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Finding the Perfect Belize Gay Resorts

One of the fastest growing destinations for LGBTQ+ travelers is the tiny gem of a Caribbean nation known as Belize. Just a short flight from the United States or Canada, Belize is a tropical wonderland that specializes in environmentally responsible vacations, offering visitors the chance to hike through colorful jungles teeming with exotic wildlife or snorkel and scuba dive along the biggest coral reef system in the Western Hemisphere.

In the past month alone, MSN’s Lifestyle section, Forbes, and the New York Times have all printed feature articles on the attractions in Belize. And National Geographic’s own Marie McGrory recently documented a week-long vacation to Belize where she was able to go entirely without consuming any single-use plastic. Belize‘s government recently imposed a moratorium on all offshore drilling as well as established a new wildlife corridor on the mainland, further proof of the country’s standing as a leader in eco-tourism.

It’s also now easier than ever to get to Belize. Canadians can now choose from nine non-stop flights a week to Belize, and nearly a dozen American cities now offer non-stop service to Belize via airlines such as Southwest, United, Delta, American, and Sun Country. And for visitors enjoying a trip in the region, AeroMexico has announced that it will begin flying from Mexico City to Belize beginning in December 2018.

Belize is a relatively small country that is about the same size as Vermont but with only a fraction of the population. Unlike other nations in Central America, Belize stands up both for being the only place where English is the official language (Belize was a British colony for 200 years) and where there is literally no crowding. Indeed, there’s not a single traffic light in the entire country.

Despite its small size, this laid-back Caribbean paradise offers travelers a wealth of options, whether it’s heading to popular destinations like Dangriga, Placencia, Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, Hopkins, and San Ignacio or heading deep into the tropical rainforest to stay at trendy eco-lodges.

Ranging from ultra luxurious five-star resorts on private islands to 100 percent “green” energy eco-resorts in the jungle, there are a lot of options when it comes to accommodations in Belize. That’s why  Belize Gay Travel specializes in matching LGBTQ+ travelers with the best places to stay, including during the busy travel season of Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year’s.

If you’re interested in a Belize vacationBelize Gay Travel will help you with all of your travel needs, including finding the perfect all-inclusive gay resort for you, your family, and/or partner/spouse.

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