Fun Facts – Things to Know About Belize Before You Visit

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Belize in April
March 19, 2019
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March 21, 2019

Fun Facts – Things to Know About Belize Before You Visit

Belize is an amazing country, but it’s only recently been getting a lot of attention. As such, we’ve prepared this mini-guide to tell you some fun facts about the charming country of Belize.

It Used to Be a British Colony

In Belize, the national language is English because the country was a British colony known as “British Honduras” right up until 1981. Other languages you might hear spoken in Belize include Spanish, Mayan, Garifuna, Creole, German, and Chinese.

It’s Not an Island

Sometimes, people think Belize is an island. In reality, it’s located on the Central American mainland just south of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. But Belize has more than 400 offshore islands located on the Belize Barrier Reef, the second-largest reef system in the world.

Belizean Society

Belize has fewer than 400,000 inhabitants, but it’s a true melting pot society where different cultures are respected and cherished. Some of the cultures you’ll find in Belize include the Creole (descendants of African slaves), the Maya, the Garifuna (an Afro-Caribbean people), Mestizos (indigenous people who are originally from Mexico), and even Mennonites.

Belizeans are world-famous for their friendliness and hospitality. Don’t be surprised if you get invited into someone’s home to enjoy a home-cooked meal!

The LGBTQ Community

Belize held its first-ever Pride Parade in 2016, and the country is slowly warming up to become more accepting and tolerating. And in late 2017, the nation’s Supreme Court struck down an antiquated law on sodomy.

Although Belize’s LGBTQ community is still largely underground, the country has always been known for its open-mindedness and willingness to embrace different ideas and cultures. That’s why Belize is fast becoming a top choice for LGBTQ travelers.

Eco- and Adventure Travel

Belize is a mecca for eco-travelers. Whether it’s a tiny jungle lodge that relies on solar power or an island resort, there are accommodations to suit every need and budget.

And Belize is definitely the place for adventure! Here are just a few of the things you can enjoy in Belize:

  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Bird watching
  • Exploring an ancient Maya city in the jungle
  • Horseback riding
  • Kayaking and canoeing
  • Zip lining through the jungle
  • Cave tubing (floating down underground rivers on an inner tube

And so much more!

For all of your LGBTQ travel needs, you can rely on Gay Belize Travel.

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