Belize: An Amazing Destination for Gay and Lesbian Seniors

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Belize: An Amazing Destination for Gay and Lesbian Seniors

belize for gay and lesbian seniors

Although often overlooked in favor of other traveler demographics, LGBTQ+ seniors are part of the growing wave of visitors who have recently discovered Belize. Located on the Caribbean coast of mainland Central America, Belize is a natural paradise of impossibly beautiful beaches, lush tropical rainforest landscapes, and thick jungles teeming with colorful birds and exotic wildlife.

And while it used to be difficult to get to Belize, all of the biggest airlines in the Western Hemisphere now offer non-stop flights to this magnificent gem of a country. Southwest, American, United, and Delta offer flights to Belize from dozens of cities across the United States, and Canadian airlines WestJet and Air Canada now fly to Belize from Toronto and Calgary. And Aeromexico, the largest airline in Mexico, has just announced that it will begin flying to Belize from Mexico City starting in November 2018.

There’s no better way for gay and lesbian seniors to warm up in 2019 than with a winter escape to Belize. The country enjoys year-round balmy weather on par with that in Miami, and Belize has hundreds of miles of beaches. With a very low population density, Belize is the ideal place for seniors to enjoy some peace and quiet in the great outdoors while enjoying activities like birdwatching, hiking, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

Celebrities, too, have recently begun to discover the natural beauty of Belize. Oscar-award winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio has begun construction on a new resort, and legendary director Francis Ford Coppola owns two luxury resorts in Belize. Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Group has just announced that he will personally lead a submarine expedition to map the Belize Blue Hole, the premier dive site on the reef, and everyone from Ivanka Trump to multiple gold medal-winning Olympic athlete Simona Biles have all been spotted on vacation in Belize recently.

Unlike other, overcrowded tourist areas in the region, Belize has successfully maintained its idyllic charm and laid-back Caribbean vibe. LGBTQ+ seniors can choose from lovely eco-resorts in the jungle, luxury island hotels, and boutique beachfront resorts. Belize is also renowned for its amazing food, including a bevy of fresh-caught seafood, citrus fruits, and organic produce.

Seniors of all activity levels have plenty to enjoy in Belize, including attending festive local celebrations, visiting animal sanctuaries, boat tours of pristine jungle rivers, and thrilling activities like ziplining and cave tubing (using an inner tube to float down underground rivers).

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