All-inclusive Gay Honeymoons

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April 4, 2018
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All-inclusive Gay Honeymoons

All-inclusive Belize Gay Honeymoons

Following the 2015 landmark ruling of the Supreme Court that legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states, hundreds of thousands of LGBTQ couples have taken the plunge and tied the knot. But once the ceremony is over, the hunt begins for where LGBTQ newlyweds can relax and enjoy a honeymoon in peace and comfort.

When it comes to enjoying an exotic honeymoon abroad, one of the hottest new trends is the country of Belize. Just 2-5 hours’ flying time from the United States, Belize is truly a world away. Home to spectacular jungles, lush rainforests, misty mountains, and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Belize is a great place to enjoy a honeymoon.

Everyone, it seems, has a different idea of what an ideal honeymoon should entail. Some couples prefer to relax on the beach and rarely stray from the resort. Other couples, however, want to celebrate their newlywed status with plenty of good food, drinking and dancing until dawn, and exciting outdoor adventures.

Regardless of your destination of the perfect honeymoon, Belize is a great destination for LGBTQ newlyweds. Although Belize is a relatively conservative country, the nation has a long history of open-mindedness and embracing people from different cultures and walks of life. Indeed, Belize is famous for having some of the friendliest people in the world.

At Belize Gay Travel, we specialize in helping LGBTQ travelers enjoy unforgettable honeymoons. We have developed a deep network of truly LGBTQ-friendly resorts, hotels, and tour operators. Whether you want to relax in an eco-friendly resort on an island in the Caribbean or stay at a five-star hotel on the mainland, we’ll hook you up with the perfect place to stay.

And when it comes time to enjoying activities, Belize really does have it all. You can party on the beach during Lobsterfest, go scuba diving with whale sharks, or sail through the jungle treetops along a series of zip lines. You can also visit a local village to learn more about the many different cultures in Belize, or, perhaps, you’d rather visit an animal sanctuary to learn more about the many different exotic and endangered species that call Belize home.

If you love adventure – you’ll love Caves Branch…because that’s what we’re all about!

Caves Branch is the top honeymoon adventure lodge in Belize and we welcome honeymooners regardless of sexual preference. Our jungle lodge is a fun and safe environment for everyone in the LGBT community. When we started out almost two decades ago, we were a rustic river camp. Now we have evolved into a jungle lodge which includes a two-tiered pool and 5 Star Luxury Tree Houses with roof top decks and hot tubs to relax under the stars above. Don’t worry – we still have private outdoor jungle showers available (a guest favorite!).

Oh, and did we mention that Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America? This makes it very easy to chat with locals and get around. If you’re a same-sex couple looking for the ideal place to enjoy your honeymoon, contact Belize  Gay Travel today.

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